Zodiac Exploration - Capricorn

I have always been interested in astrology but never have taken the time to learn about all the 12 signs. This year I decided to  learn 1 sign corresponding with the month. Not only did I want to study  new sign but I also wanted to create an art piece dedicated to each sun sign.Here is my first piece this year for Capricorn!In the center is the star sign for Capricorn. I have included Saturn in the stars since Saturn is Capricorns planet. Framing the stars are 2 carnations and ivy...the plant of Capricorn.  Finally on the bottom is a triangle with a line through it. This is a symbol for earth...and is there because Capricorns element is the earth.For more details on Capricorn feel free to watch the process of the painting with a narrative. I have made the art print available to purchase here. Here are a couple books I am reading for reference -  Complete book of Astrology & The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need Hope you all enjoy!<3 Tiffy

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