Trying SKIMS for the first time EVER (not a Kim fan)

So, today I'm diving into the world of SKIMS shapewear, and guess what? It's my very first Kardashian-brand purchase! Yep, I've managed to avoid the Kardashian universe all this time, but curiosity (and the need for some new shapewear) got the better of me.

Starting with their square neck bodysuit in Sienna, priced at $58. First impressions? It smells like licorice! The fabric is softer and thinner than expected, with strategic stitching for accentuating curves. The snap at the bottom? A lifesaver for bathroom breaks. On trying it, it's surprisingly comfortable and not as shaping as I thought, but perfect for everyday wear. The cut's great, it hides bra straps, and hugs my curves nicely. Rating? Quality and comfort are 5 stars, but fit gets 4 stars for the panty line and tummy control.

Next up, the $68 seamless sculpt thong bodysuit in C Clay. It's less stretchy, offering more shaping, but still soft. The fit is nice, though the bra shows a bit more, and it has this odd flap of fabric. It flattens the tummy well but isn't my favorite look. Ratings are a bit mixed here: 4 stars for quality and comfort, and 3 for fit.

The $36 cotton rib tank in Heather Oatmeal was next. A basic, everyday wear tank with a stretchy and comfortable fit. It's a bit see-through, but I'm loving the cut and how it looks on me. After a wash, I'll report back, but for now, it's a straight 5 stars across the board!

The $44 boyfriend t-shirt in Onyx Black, got it in large for a loose fit. It's super soft and stretchy, though a tad see-through. The fit is comfy, and I love the neckline, but I wish it were darker. Ratings: 4 stars for quality, and 5 stars for both comfort and fit.

Finally, the $78 open bust bodysuit in clay, paired with their $54 push-up bra. This one is tight to get on but shapes beautifully once it's on. It's not the easiest to manage for bathroom breaks, but it makes me feel snatched! I'm loving how it looks under clothes. All 5 stars for this one!

So, what's my verdict on SKIMS? Some hits, some misses, but overall, I'm pretty impressed. The quality and comfort are generally high, and while some fits could be better, they've got some great pieces. Whether or not you're into the Kardashians, SKIMS has something to offer.

I'm all about honesty and helping you make informed choices, so if there's anything else you'd like me to review, drop a comment below. And don't forget to check out my other videos for more reviews!

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