Trying Influencer Food Products

Hey everyone! 🌟 Today's post is a little different – I'm diving into the world of influencer food products. Let's be real; I'm no food product creator, but I know a thing or two about merch (psst, check out our huge sale at 😉). Before I jump in, massive respect to all creators I'm featuring today. Creating a product is no small feat, and I appreciate the hard work that goes into it!

Prime Hydration Drink by Logan Paul & KSI

First up, Prime Hydration. I'll admit, I'm not a huge follower of Logan Paul or KSI, but their drink caught my eye. They've rebranded from "energy" to "hydration" drinks, targeting a younger audience. I grabbed their Tropical Punch and Ice Pop flavors. The branding? On point. But taste-wise, they're super sweet – thanks to artificial sweeteners. While I'm not a fan of that intense sweetness, I appreciate the effort in marketing these as health-conscious options.

Jacksepticeye's Top of the Morning Coffee

Next, we have Jacksepticeye's coffee brand, Top of the Morning. I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob, and I was excited for this. The packaging is delightful, and I love that they donate to mental health causes. The Twilight blend – a medium roast with caramel and chocolate notes – was up first. It needed a touch of sugar for my taste, but it was a solid cup of joe. The limited edition Frosted Cookie flavor? A winter wonderland in a cup. I'm a bit wary of artificial flavors, but this one nailed it.

MrBeast's Chocolate Bars

Moving on to MrBeast's chocolate bars. I tried the Crunch bar and the milk chocolate with peanut butter – "Deeze Nuts". The Crunch bar impressed me with just the right amount of crunch and great-tasting chocolate. The peanut butter bar? Needed more peanut butter, but still pretty good. The packaging and humor behind these products are a big win for me.

Oompaville's Sour Boys Candy

Sour Boys by Oompaville was next. I'm a sucker for sour candy, and these did not disappoint. They're tangy, not too hard, and take me right back to childhood. If sour's your thing, these are a must-try.

Chamberlain Coffee and Energy Bars

Emma Chamberlain's coffee and energy bars were up next. The Chai Oat Latte powder was a bit too sweet for me, but with some tweaking, it could be a cozy treat. The caffeinated energy bars, though, were a surprising hit. Vanilla latte flavor with a nice crunch – I'm a fan!

Mina Midnight Cookies

Lastly, Mina Midnight Cookies by streamer Pokimane. Marketed as a good source of vitamin D, these cookies had me skeptical. But taste-wise? Think Oreo cookie vibes. They grew on me, and I ended up loving them!

There you have it – my  honest take on influencer food products. It's a mixed bag, but overall, I'm impressed by the creativity and effort put into these products. Would love to hear your thoughts or if there are other products you'd like me to try. Till next time, stay sweet and keep exploring! 🌈✨

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