Trying *Healthy From Blogilates 🍵 honest review

Today I am recreating some of Cassey Ho's recipes using her Matcha and Ube protein powder. Let's put them to the test! Are they as yummy as they look, and are they healthy?! Cassey's Recipes -

Guess what landed on my doorstep recently? A delightful little PR package from my friend Cassie Ho, famously known as Blogilates. The package was brimming with a collection of protein bars, a shaker, a cookbook, and the cutest little purple waffle maker you've ever seen. As some of you know, I've been on a quest to create a healthier relationship with food and become more conscious of the ingredients I'm using, a journey that has been amplified since becoming a mom.

First off, I was thrilled by the protein flavors Cassie came out with - Ube and Matcha! How cool to see these traditional Asian flavors being incorporated in a new and exciting way.

So, to appease my sweet tooth while sticking to healthier options, I decided to test out some recipes from Cassie's book. The first challenge? Matcha Mochi Pancakes. I substituted manchiko flour with tapioca flour and monk fruit sweetener with Stevia. Even though the matcha flavor wasn't as strong as I expected, they were delightful and made for a great breakfast treat.

Next, I took a stab at Ube Mochi Waffles. Once again, I replaced the mochiko flour with tapioca flour. I found them light and flaky, but a tad too sweet for my taste. Perhaps with a bit less sugar and a bit more ube, these waffles could be a perfect morning surprise.

Lastly, I gave Matcha Cookies a shot. However, my experiment with ghee and tapioca flour wasn't as successful. The cookies ended up being dry and crumbly, a little disappointing, but a learning experience nonetheless.

While I enjoyed the protein flavors and bars that Cassie provided, I think some of the recipes might need a little more tweaking. That said, the cookbook offers some good options for occasional indulgences when you're craving Matcha and Ube but want to keep it a bit healthier.

Despite my mixed experiences with the recipes, this journey into healthier cooking has been incredibly enriching. Having a baby and the subsequent changes in my body and hormones have made this pursuit of a healthier lifestyle even more pertinent.

I hope you found my experiences, critique, and honesty helpful. I'd love to know if you want to see more content where I explore new recipes, engage more in the kitchen, and continue working on feeling good about my health and body. Do you have any recipes you want me to try out? Drop your suggestions in the comments section and let's embark on this culinary journey together!


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