Trying a Brow Lamination Kit AT HOME!

Hi everyone, it’s Tiffy here, and I might just regret making today’s video. But hey, let’s dive into something exciting—I’m going to attempt to laminate my eyebrows right at home! I’ve had my eyebrows laminated a handful of times professionally and absolutely adore the fresh look it gives them. So, considering the cost of professional treatments and my current journey of beauty self-discovery, I thought, "Why not add this to my repertoire?"

After a bit of research, I chose a brow lamination kit from Amazon with stellar reviews and an impressive promo video that showed people successfully using it at home. It felt like I should have been featured in that video too! The kit promises up to six weeks of beautifully styled brows, and of course, I’ll keep you updated on how long it lasts.

The unboxing was quite an experience; everything was neatly packaged, complete with cute little spoolies and all necessary solutions, which made me even more optimistic about pulling this off successfully. There's a guide indicating that the solutions shouldn't sit longer than six minutes for eyebrows, but given that my brows are quite stubborn, I decided to compromise at eight minutes.

Here’s how it went down: First, I cleansed my brows to remove any oil, dust, or makeup. Then, I applied the lifting solution with a micro brush, making sure every hair was coated, and covered them with plastic wrap. Despite being a bit clueless about the exact amount needed, I aimed for thorough coverage since my brows tend to resist styling.

I set my timer for eight minutes. Meanwhile, outside my window, the birds chirped away, making me feel like a Disney princess gearing up for a transformation!

Halfway through, I checked the progress. My eyebrows did feel like they were staying up a bit more, but not perfectly. I adjusted the time slightly to ensure both sides were evenly processed. After removing the lift solution with a cotton swab, I moved on to the next step.

Applying the fixation solution was next, directing my brows in the desired upward style. After another careful application and a wait under the wrap, it was time to remove the excess and apply the nourishing solution.

The results? Pretty impressive for a first attempt! The left brow turned out better than the right, but overall, both looked fluffier and more defined. I couldn’t believe how manageable this was at home, not to mention cost-effective compared to salon visits.

After a cautious 24 hours of not wetting them, I began shaping my brows—something I don't usually do myself. Starting with my favorite left brow, I brushed, trimmed, and plucked to achieve the perfect, fluffy yet natural look. I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

Absolutely! This DIY brow lamination was a fun, easy, and empowering beauty experiment. Not only did it save me a good chunk of change, but it also added a new skill to my beauty care routine. And who knows? Maybe next time I'll brave enough to try the lash lift that came with the kit!

Thank you all for hanging out with me through this beauty adventure. Keep experimenting and discovering new ways to feel fabulous. Until next time, bye-bye!


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