Tasting & Rating every PEEPS flavor so you don't have to...

Hello, sweet-tooth adventurers! Get ready for a sugar-coated journey through the wild world of PEEPS flavors. Yes, those iconic, fluffy marshmallows that pop up every Spring and Easter have gotten a gourmet makeover, and I've taken on the challenge of tasting and rating every single flavor. Buckle up; this ride is as bumpy and colorful as the sugar on a PEEP itself!

First off, let’s talk about the Blue Raspberry Icy flavor. Remember those Icy slushies paired with a bag of Hot Cheetos? Well, this PEEP is their marshmallow cousin. The smell and taste are spot-on, mimicking that classic blue raspberry without the chill. It's an unexpected hit in my book, earning a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

Next, the S'mores flavor, which truly surprised me. It’s a graham cracker-flavored marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate. The smell alone was enough to send me straight to a campfire under the stars. It’s deliciously balanced and captures the essence of a real s’more. I'm giving this innovation an 11 out of 10; yes, it’s that good!

Then there was the Sparkly Wild Raspberry. This one promised a unicorn vibe but delivered more of a one-trick pony with its overpowering sweetness and lack of pop rocks. It gets a middle-of-the-road 5 stars from me.

Moving on to the Strawberry Chocolate flavor. Much like its s’mores counterpart, this strawberry-dipped delight was a treat. The chocolate tones down the berry's sweetness, creating a lovely blend that deserved a perfect 10 out of 10.

The Party Cake flavor was next, and as a fan of all things birthday cake, this one did not disappoint. It smelled just like Funfetti and tasted like a sugar-dusted dream. A near-perfect score here, 9 out of 10.

The Fruit Punch and Sour Watermelon flavors, however, were less impressive. Fruit Punch, while not as sweet as anticipated, didn't quite hit the mark, earning a 6. The Sour Watermelon looked unappetizing and tasted overly artificial, scraping by with a 3.

As for the Dr Pepper flavor, it was a nostalgic trip with a true-to-soda taste but in a confusing marshmallow form. It’s decent but odd, scoring a 7.

The Candy Cane flavor was the least enjoyable for me. It was too minty, akin to toothpaste rather than a treat, scoring a low 2.

On a brighter note, the Cotton Candy flavor, despite being overly vivid and intense, captured the essence of actual cotton candy. I’d rate it a 6.

Lastly, the holiday-themed PEEPS were fun but mostly standard in flavor, with the Gingerbread Man standing out and earning a 7.

Experimenting with PEEPS wasn’t just about indulging in sugar—it was about reliving memories and enjoying the playful spirit of these colorful treats. Some were hits, others misses, but all were a part of a delightful, if dizzying, sugar rush adventure.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about diving into the diverse flavors of PEEPS, I hope this guide helps you pick your battles—or flavors! Let me know what other food challenges you’d like to see, and check out more taste-testing fun.. Until next time, enjoy the sugary spectacle of Spring!

-Tiffy 💜


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