Reading My PRIVATE Diary...

Hi, everyone!

Today, we’re turning up the heat a bit—I’m about to share something really personal with all of you. Yes, you guessed it; I’m diving deep into my old diaries, spilling secrets right from the pages where my younger self poured her heart out.

Some of you might remember, about seven years ago, I made a video where I read excerpts from my diary dating back to when I was just nine or in my pre-teens. It was a blast from the past and honestly quite adorable. If you missed that, you might want to watch it first here to see how far we've come.

Back then, my audience was considerably younger, much like I was. We've all grown together, which feels incredible. For those new here—welcome! This time around, I thought it’d be more intriguing to read entries from when I was a bit older, navigating my early adult years.

My last diary entry was in 2020 when I was 31. But, my journey with journaling didn't stop there; it just shifted from paper to digital because, let’s be honest, typing is just faster.

Let's rewind to around 2010. I had just transferred from PCC to Cal State Long Beach, diving into my second year in the Illustration program. I was also working as a lifeguard and had just started an internship at Cartoon Network, working on "Flapjack." Life was buzzing with excitement and uncertainty—I felt like an adult but had no clue what I was really doing.

Fast forward a bit, and the internship ended, but it set the stage for something even bigger. My then-boyfriend Mario and I were celebrating milestones together, and my YouTube channel, which began as a fun side project, was quickly turning into a main gig.

By 2014, Mario had left his job to join me full-time on our YouTube adventure. We were attending gaming conventions, starting new channels, and even venturing into merchandise. That year, our channel hit two million subscribers, and we were in the process of buying our first home together.

Looking back, it's surreal to see the paths I envisioned versus where life has taken me. The plans to work in animation gave way to a thriving YouTube career. Each entry in my diary serves as a reminder of my journey, the decisions we bravely made, and the life we've built together.

As I continue to create and share, my hope is to inspire those of you who are perhaps standing at a crossroads, unsure of what's next. Whether you’re a recent graduate, someone contemplating a career change, or just someone looking for a spark to pursue your passion—take it from someone who’s been there: follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to take that leap.

Thank you all for being such an incredible community. Your support means everything. Feel free to share your stories and projects in the comments—I can’t wait to read them!

Catch you in the next one!

-Tiffy 💜

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