October as a Mama hits different

October has always been a special month for me, but experiencing it as a mom has given it a whole new meaning. From the crisp autumn air to the whimsical Halloween decorations, every moment feels like a chapter out of a storybook. Here's a glimpse into my October adventures with my little family.

My days often start with the comforting aroma of spiced pumpkin chai tea. There's something about the blend of warming spices and sweet cinnamon that sets the perfect tone for the day. And of course, what's October without a slice of classic pumpkin pie? It's these small indulgences that make the season so delightful.

This year, we decided to add a Halloween twist to our home décor. The plan? A Halloween-themed gallery wall in our dining room. We had a blast dressing up our son, Leo, and our furry friends in adorable costumes. From a tiny vampire outfit for our white cat, Linky, to a witch costume for our other pet, Na'vi, these moments were filled with laughter and love. However, as I sifted through the photos, I realized this project might stretch into next year. But hey, that's the beauty of family projects - they're ongoing and filled with memories.

A significant highlight was planting an avocado tree for Leo's first birthday. As a family that loves avocados, this felt like a natural and meaningful addition to our home. Watching Leo by the tree, I was reminded of the growth and changes we've experienced as a family. This tree, now a part of our garden, symbolizes the roots we're deepening in this journey of parenthood.

We had our share of outings, like our trip to the Natural History Museum for the 'Bony Island' event. It was incredible to see Leo interact with his cousins and immerse himself in the festive atmosphere. We unintentionally matched in our Halloween attire, adding to the fun of the evening.

As I sit here on November 3rd, I'm amazed at how quickly October flew by. While I aimed to vlog more, I found myself caught up in the moment - something I don't regret. From family photo shoots to concerts with my husband, every experience was a reminder of the joy and chaos of life.

Looking ahead, I'm already planning for December, hoping to create an Advent calendar and more memorable content for our family. This October has taught me the importance of cherishing each moment, whether it's a quiet morning with tea or a bustling family outing.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to many more magical Octobers and the endless adventures of motherhood! 🍂🎃💛

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my October. Stay tuned for more adventures, and don't forget to check out last year's holiday content. Wishing you all a belated Happy Halloween! 🌟👻

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