New Year's Resolutions for 2016

It's time for another trip around the sun! I'm so excited for the coming months, because it's an opportunity to better myself in many ways and strive for a more fulfilling year than the last. I hope this list motivates you to make positive changes in your own life, so you can wake up one day and find yourself happier than you ever thought possible.

We can do this. Bring it on, 2016! ?

CREATE MORE ART PIECES! Art has always been my first love, and this year marked a big milestone for me in that department. I crossed a major accomplishment off my bucket list by selling my first print: the Enchanted Oasis illustration. Next year, I want to create and sell even more prints! Sharing a little piece of my heart and soul through art is one incredible feeling.

BE HEALTHIER I'm finally starting to realize just how important it is to take pride in my overall health. Making better choices when it comes to eating and exercising is something that I'm immediately implementing into my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to putting in the work on a regular basis to see results and ultimately feel better than I have in years (both physically and mentally)!

LIVE IN THE MOMENT Sometimes I find myself worrying about the future or stressing out over silly situations. Wasting good energy on things out of my control is something I definitely want to spend less time on. The older I get, the faster time seems to fly, so I need to live in the moment and appreciate the NOW. It might be tricky, but I'm determined to conquer this one!

LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE Mario is fluent in Spanish, and this comes in handy more often than not. Seeing him be able to communicate with so many people is really inspiring to me and makes me want to speak Spanish fluently too! This would also be such a useful learning experience to carry with me for the rest of my life.

BE MORE ORGANIZED & EFFICIENT I'd really like to buckle down and form better habits in terms of staying organized. We recently had our entire office revamped, and it was so refreshing! Putting things away in their designated spots eliminates unnecessary time spent looking for them. Who knew?!

MAKE TIME FOR MYSELF I want to take extra time for myself and do more things that make me happy! We've grown our team this year, so I'm finally able to relax a bit with my work. For once, I don't feel so bogged down trying to keep up with our schedule and tasks. I plan on traveling the world more and experiencing brand new adventures! Can't wait!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!!!

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