I tried cutting my own hair and following a Brad Mondo tutorial (Butterfly Cut)

You know that moment when you look in the mirror and realize your hair has turned into a cozy nest for imaginary birds? That was me, three years overdue for a haircut, waking up to a frizzy mane every morning. Well, not anymore! I decided to chop it all off and transform my "wild woman who frolics in the forest" hair into something fabulous. And what better way to do it than following a Brad Mondo tutorial for a Butterfly Cut?

After successfully cutting my own curtain bangs (thanks to your uplifting comments!), my confidence was sky-high. The holidays were around the corner, and I thought, why not go for a full-blown makeover? And so, I dove headfirst into giving myself a butterfly haircut. Yes, your girl loves butterflies — I even raised and released some into the wild!

Following Brad's tutorial felt like a magical journey. Step one: Wet the hair. Simple enough, right? Then, it was all about combing my hair forward from the Apex — the highest point on my head. I divided my hair into sections, each from the Apex to behind the ear, and tied them into ponytails. Yes, I looked like a unicorn, but a determined one at that!

Cutting the hair was the real deal. I snipped off lengths from my high ponytail and the back part, feeling a mix of excitement and sheer panic. Watching my long, luscious locks fall to the floor was both exhilarating and terrifying.

Post-cutting, I styled my new look. First up, sea salt spray (a big shoutout to my friend Naomi for gifting me one). It gave my hair that gorgeous, glamorous texture. Then, the blow-drying part, which I'm still getting the hang of. But oh boy, the results were stunning!

The layers fell perfectly, and I couldn’t stop admiring my reflection. I topped it off with some Viper smoothing oil for that extra shine and hydration. And there she was, my new butterfly-inspired hair, ready to flutter!

I feel like a whole new person. It's a mommy makeover, a wardrobe overhaul, and a hair revolution, all rolled into one. And I'm here for it! So, what do you think? I'm dying to know your honest opinions. Drop them in the comments below!

Huge thanks to Brad Mondo for his amazing tutorials. If you're contemplating a hair transformation, don't hesitate to dive in. Trust me, it's liberating!

Catch you in my next post. Till then, keep rocking your unique style!

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