I Am A Full Blown MOM!

I hope you’re all doing well and embracing the beautiful chaos life often brings our way. If you’ve been with me on this journey, you know it’s been a hot minute since I last vlogged. But today, I felt the urge to pick up the camera and share some snippets of my life as I navigate through the adventure of motherhood and welcome my favorite season - the Spooky Season!

Today’s vlog was extra special for me because we visited Griffith Park, a place close to my heart and coincidentally, close to my husband Mario's heart as well. Isn't it wild thinking we might've crossed paths as little kids without knowing it? We took our delightful son Leo for a memorable train ride and I couldn’t help but reminisce about the days when my parents used to take me there. It was so magical seeing Leo enjoy the park just like we did as kids.

Every day with Leo feels like a new adventure. From seeing him stand on his own to sharing his toys (in his own adorable way), every moment feels precious and worthy of being captured. I've found myself marveling at how fast he’s growing and trying to soak in each of these moments. Our nights, just Leo and I, are filled with joy, play, and lots of snuggles - something I wouldn't trade for the world.

Since becoming a mom, there’s been a significant shift in my interests and passions. While gaming used to be my go-to escape, I realized I'm no longer feeling as fulfilled by it. On the other hand, creating content with Leo, especially our matching fashion looks, has been bringing me immense joy. During this transitional phase of rediscovering myself, I decided to embrace the changes and start creating content that truly resonates with the new me - a full-blown mom!

With October rolling in, it’s officially the season of spookiness and dressing up! I recently unboxed some adorable Halloween outfits for Leo and me, and it brought back fond memories of my mom dressing me up. It's surreal, planning Leo’s costumes and imagining the joy we’re going to share, just like I did with my mom. I can’t wait to create and share these memories with you all!

Finding balance as a working mom isn’t easy. But I’ve learned that it’s crucial to invest time and effort into caring for myself just like I do for my work and family. With the support of my wonderful mom and some self-care routines, I’ve been able to embrace the changes and celebrate each day.

So, beautiful souls, here's to embarking on new adventures, whether it’s stepping into motherhood, rediscovering oneself, or excitedly preparing for Halloween! Stay tuned as we have many exciting plans for October, and I can't wait to share all the fun and joy with you through my upcoming vlogs.

Watch the full vlog here 👇


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