Going through old work from ✨ART SCHOOL✨

Come on a journey with me as I look through my old art from college! This is a collection of projects and side projects I did throughout my 4 years in art school. Was it worth it!? I will answer those questions today! Leave a comment if you want me to sell a piece.

Hello everyone! It’s Tiffy here, and today we’re diving into a nostalgic treasure trove—my old art school projects! Recently, my parents unearthed a pile of my artwork while cleaning out their garage, and I was absolutely amazed to find pieces I didn't even remember existed. So, I thought, why not share this cozy little journey through the past with all of you?

As I rummaged through the dusty boxes, I was hit by a wave of memories and forgotten aspirations. It was like meeting a younger version of myself, one who was just beginning to explore her creative path. From eerie life drawings to experimental fashion illustrations, each piece brought back a flood of college days experiences.

One of the first pieces I pulled out was a still life I'm pretty sure I did in my first year of community college. It was a humble beginning, a far cry from what I would later tackle at art school. Then came a risqué drawing that earned a modest six out of ten—it seems even then, I was daring to push boundaries!

I stumbled upon an unfinished painting that looked vaguely like a depiction of Jesus. I had no recollection of it and decided it was better suited for donation rather than decoration. Another notable find was a life drawing from an early class where I first encountered nude models. I remember the initial shock of seeing a nude model disrobe, but it quickly became just another part of the learning process, something you get used to when you see it every day.

Among the quirky discoveries was an eyelash curler saga—a whimsical illustration project that somehow ended with an A minus. Who knew an eyelash curler could inspire such a captivating story?

As I continued, I found more advanced works from later in my art school journey. There were fashion illustrations influenced by my love for dramatic contours and stylized figures, reflecting my admiration for artists like Audrey Kawasaki and Greg Simkins. These pieces marked a significant evolution in my style and technique, showcasing a blend of eeriness and beauty.

This trip down memory lane wasn't just about revisiting old works; it was a reminder of how much I've grown and evolved as an artist. Each sketchbook, each canvas held a lesson, a memory, or a stepping stone that contributed to who I am today. And yes, while not everything was a masterpiece, every piece was a part of my journey.

Art school was definitely worth it for me. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, introduced me to lifelong friends and mentors, and equipped me with skills that I still use and appreciate today.

If any of these pieces caught your eye, be sure to follow me on Instagram! I might just sell some of these forgotten gems. Whether you're a fellow art enthusiast or a curious observer, I hope this glimpse into my art school days has been as enjoyable for you as it was for me.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic throwback adventure. Don’t forget to check out more of my current art projects and perhaps find a piece that speaks to you. Until next time, keep creating and exploring the infinite possibilities of art!


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