Getting a "PERFECT" makeover based on my SEASONAL COLOR

I recently got a color analysis and decided to give myself the PERFECT makeover based on my seasonal color. Do we still think I am a light spring!?

Hey there! Recently, I embarked on a colorful adventure to discover my seasonal color and give myself a head-to-toe transformation based on what I found. If you're scratching your head wondering what a "seasonal color" is, don’t fret—I've got a video that dives deep into color theory and my entire analysis journey. Check it out here if you're curious!

So, what’s my verdict? Light spring! That’s right, my analysis revealed that I'm a light spring, which basically means it's time to revamp my entire look to embrace those warm, glowing hues that make me look and feel alive and vibrant.

This isn't just any makeover; it's a major overhaul centered around my light spring palette. We’re talking makeup, hair, and, of course, a wardrobe revamp. The goal? To find colors that not only make me feel vibrant but also enhance my natural glow and complement my skin tone perfectly.

First up, my closet! It's a bit like stepping into an episode of MTV Cribs, except it’s just me and my overflowing wardrobe. I started by assessing my current color situation, which was a mishmash of blacks, whites, and colors that, frankly, didn't do me any favors. Armed with my trusty color chart, I identified which colors to phase out and which to keep. Spoiler alert: it's goodbye to cool cranberries and stark whites, and hello to warm salmon, pastel purple, and off-white.

As I sorted through my wardrobe, I decided to purge items that no longer fit my color profile. It’s spring cleaning with a purpose! I’m also putting up some of my lightly used favorites on Poshmark and Depop. If you’re interested in snagging some unique pieces, keep an eye on my profiles there.

With a clearer idea of what my wardrobe was missing, I turned to Newly for a color-appropriate shopping spree. I opted for renting pieces that fit my new palette—think corals and warm-toned off-whites. It was less about impulse buys and more about thoughtful selection, hunting down pieces that would really make my light spring colors pop.

Next, I tackled my makeup drawer. A trip to Sephora had me updating my beauty arsenal with warm-toned lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes from brands I adore, like Charlotte Tilbury and Rare Beauty. The focus was on enhancing my light spring attributes with products that complemented my skin tone beautifully.

Last but not least, my hair needed a light spring touch. I worked with my trusted stylist to add lighter, warm-toned highlights—no bleach required! The result? A fresh, sun-kissed look that made me feel like I'd just returned from a beach vacation.

With my makeup done and my hair styled, it was time to try on the new outfits. Each piece felt like a true reflection of my light spring color analysis. From a peachy pink bodysuit paired with a houndstooth skirt to a flowy blue romper perfect for festival season, each outfit not only looked great but also felt uniquely 'me.'

This journey through color analysis and a complete makeover has been eye-opening. Dressing in colors that harmonize with my seasonal palette has boosted my confidence and made me more aware of how much color influences our appearance and mood.

Whether you're a light spring like me or another season entirely, remember: fashion is about feeling beautiful and confident. So rock those colors that make you shine!

Thanks for joining me on this colorful journey. You're all gorgeous, just the way you are! Until next time, keep shining bright.

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