Disneyland w/ a BABY - 10 Tips & Tricks

Hey there, magical parents and caregivers! Tiffy here, sharing the wisdom of a lifelong Disneyland lover who recently embarked on her baby’s very first Disneyland journey. If you're planning your baby’s inaugural Disneyland trip, you’re in the right place! Here are my top 10 tips to ensure your visit is as enchanting as a fairy tale.

  1. Invest in the Genie Plus Pass: Think of it as the modern-day fairy godmother. Not only does it act like the good old FastPass, but it also includes the fantastic PhotoPass. Capture all those precious moments with professional shots, without the hassle of your own camera. Say cheese!
  2. Master the Disneyland App: Before you even step into the park, get this app on your phone! It’s your map to magic – from checking wait times to food reservations. If you're not tech-savvy, maybe let Cinderella’s mice friends (or just your kids) give you a hand!
  3. Book Your Reservations Early: Whether it’s for that enchanted dining experience or a special treat, make sure to reserve in advance. Remember, spontaneity is fun, but a little planning never hurt anyone.
  4. Choose the Right Stroller: Check Disneyland's stroller dimensions before your visit. Invest in a lightweight, easy-fold stroller. Because believe me, there's nothing magical about struggling with a bulky stroller. If you have recommendations, drop them in the comments below. I'm all ears!
  5. Preparation is Key: Pack everything the night before. From diapers to your little one’s favorite snack, be ready to grab and go. It’s all about starting the day with a sprinkle of pixie dust!
  6. Be an Early Bird at the Park: Try to be there at rope drop. You get to experience the magic without the crowd. It's as serene as Sleeping Beauty's castle at dawn.
  7. Strategize Your Rides: Head to Fantasyland first, especially if it’s your baby’s first visit. Prioritize rides that don’t have Genie Plus and are popular. My little Leo loved Dumbo!
  8. Make the Most of the Baby Center: Located at the end of Main Street, it’s a life-saver. From nursing spots to changing tables, they’ve got you covered. It's a little oasis for your little one.
  9. Stay Fluid with Your Plans: Let’s be real. With a baby, things might not always go as planned. Keep an open heart and a flexible mindset. After all, Disney magic is all about embracing the unexpected.
  10. Opt for Mobile Ordering: Minimize wait times by ordering food on your phone. And if you can, grab that delightful Dole Whip ice cream. Nothing beats enjoying it while waiting for the Tiki room.

Remember, whether it's your baby’s first or fifth time, every trip to Disneyland is unique. So, while planning is essential, don't forget to let loose and enjoy those unexpected magical moments. If you have any more magical tips, don’t hesitate to sprinkle them in the comments below. Until then, wishing you and your little one a trip as dreamy as a night under the stars with Tinkerbell.

Stay magical and see you soon!

-Tiffy 🌟🏰🌟


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