Birthday Board, Highchair Garland & Party Favors on a BUDGET! - DIY Baby’s 1st Birthday Pt.2

Join me in this blog post as I share my DIY adventures in creating a personalized wooden album, a whimsical highchair garland, and mini smiley face pinatas, all with the goal of crafting an unforgettable first birthday party for my one happy dude.

Welcome to my world of DIY magic, where I'm on a mission to create an unforgettable first birthday party for my precious son, Leo. With just two weeks left on the clock, my to-do list is brimming with exciting projects. In this blog post, I'll take you on a creative journey as I bring to life a stunning wooden album to showcase Leo's monthly progression, craft a whimsical highchair garland, and even whip up mini smiley face piñata's as adorable party favors. Let's dive into the details!

A Labor of LoveI found inspiration on Pinterest for a wooden album featuring Leo's monthly photos. Determined to infuse it with our party theme of "one happy dude," I embarked on a woodworking adventure. Starting with a beautiful piece of wood, I meticulously sanded it, opting to highlight its natural beauty rather than paint over it. After staining and preparing the wood, I painted freehand yellow squiggly lines to complement the theme. Smiley face outlines, cut from white vinyl, were the perfect finishing touch. Oh, and let's not forget the textual magic! I pushed my creative boundaries by cutting balsa wood with my trusty Cricut machine, overcoming a few mishaps along the way. The result? A breathtaking album that will forever remind us of Leo's incredible first year.

A Circle of JoyWhat's a first birthday without a charming highchair garland? I couldn't resist creating one myself, adding a touch of whimsy to Leo's special day. Embracing the circle theme, I designed smiley face, "n," and "e" templates in Photoshop. Printing them on cardstock, I embarked on a creative journey. Incorporating a checkered design using black vinyl and a variation of black and white, I created a visually striking outline. The garland truly came alive when I added yellow, black, and white ribbons, along with an elegant white tassel garland from our store. The end result? A highchair fit for a little king and a plethora of photo opportunities!

A Burst of FunWhat's a celebration without a pinata? I couldn't fathom Leo's first birthday party without one. However, being considerate of our little guests' ages, I devised a clever twist. I crafted mini smiley face pinatas, each with a string-pulling mechanism for ease and safety. Repurposing boxes, I constructed the pinatas' structure and adorned them with yellow tissue paper and black vinyl smiley faces. The finishing touch came with carefully chosen toys, ensuring enjoyment for both Leo and the older children attending the party. These extra-special party favors are sure to leave a lasting impression.

As the big day draws nearer, I can't help but feel a mix of excitement and anticipation. Crafting the personalized wooden album, designing the enchanting highchair garland, and assembling the adorable mini smiley face pinatas has been a labor of love. Every project has allowed me to reflect on Leo's incredible growth and cherish those precious moments captured in his monthly photos. With a touch of DIY magic, I'm confident our son's first birthday party will be an unforgettable celebration of joy, love, and creativity. So here's to Leo, our one happy dude, and the beautiful memories we're about to create together. Let the countdown to the big day begin!


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